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Stella Jang (스텔라장)


Stella Jang - Winter Dream

Winter Wonderland❄️❄️❄️

Stella Jang - I Go | JEJUair air stage EP.5

  1. (in Korean and without subtitles)

Stella Jang(스텔라장) - KeeB Going | KB국민카드

Stella Jang - 지금을 사랑해 (Enjoy This Moment) | 치얼업 (Cheer Up) OST Part.4

Kang HyeWon X Stella Jang - Like a Diamond (Behind the scenes)

Stella Jang - Walking Down The Road (Piano cover by SUJIN 수진)

Photo by Bence Balla-Schottner on Unsplash.

Kang HyeWon X Stella Jang - Like a Diamond (Live Clip)

Pink Martini - Hang on Little Tomato (Cover by Stella Jang) 🍅

Stella Jang - L’Amour, Les Baguettes, Paris (Cover by Seung-Dong Lee and Sang-Eung Oh)

Saxophone: Seung-Dong Lee
Harp: Sang-Eung Oh

Watch on Instagram

Stella Jang - Go Your Way (2022 Small Theater Concert “Some Days”)

Stella Jang - Vanishing Paycheck (2022 Small Theater Concert “Some Days”)

This guitar version reminds me of Georges Brassens.

Stella Jang - Some Days (2022 Small Theater Concert “Some Days”)

2022 Stella Jang Small Theater Concert “Some Days

In March 2022, Stella Jang will be performing solo for 2 weeks at the Small Theater under the Clouds in Seoul.

More details in the Instagram post.

Stella Jang - Villain [MBC Radio]

SuperM - Tiger Inside (Cover by Stella Jang)

🐯 So good!!!

Yoon Sang - Run (Cover by Stella Jang)

Stella Jang imitating the running man on the emergency exit sign

Happy New Year!!!

Exit 2021, welcome 2022!

May you and your family all enjoy a healthy, happy, and prosperous year!

Stella Jang and Pengsoo waving at the camera

Merry Christmas!!! Joyeux Noël !!!

Stella Jang wearing a Royal Stewart tartan dress

Stella Jang’s year-end schedule

Stella is still working hard during this end-of-year.

Details in the Instagram post.

Tiny Stella in red snowsuit

TINY Stella’s Winter Trip☃️

So cute!!!

More pictures in the Instagram post.

Peppertones (페퍼톤스) - FILM LOVE (Feat. Stella Jang) LIVE

See related Instagram post

[Archive] 2021 10/19 Have A Nice Day Festival rehearsal

어제 차이고 (Dumped Yesterday)
환승입니다 (Transfer)
어떤 날들 (Some Days)
L’Amour, Les Baguettes, Paris
빌런 (Villain)
월급은 통장을 스칠 뿐 (Vanishing Paycheck)
집에 가자 (Let’s Go Home)

It’s that time of the year again!

A compilation of Christmas songs interpreted by Stella Jang, starting with her 2017 Stell’Advent Calendar!

Connect U Music Festival 2021

Stella Jang was at the Connect U Music Festival, which took place at the Chungnam Music Creation Center.

A beautiful live performance which received a very good reception from the audience!

L’Amour, Les Baguettes, Paris
아이고 (I Go)
알콜맨 (Alcoholman)
빌런 (Villain)
월급은 통장을 스칠 뿐 (Vanishing Paycheck)
집에 가자 (Let’s Go Home)

Stella Jang singing

Stella Jang will join the year-end performance <Next Level Kpop> at Arirang Radio on Friday, December 10, 2021 4-6 pm

Please check the Instagram post for the conditions and details in Korean, and actively participate if you can attend the performance. If you took part in the fan cafe, you don’t need to apply.

아임버스커 (I’m Busker) 2021

Stella Jang performed on the second day of the 2021 “I’m Busker” event organized by the Yongin Cultural Foundation.

어떤 날들 (Some Days)
아이고 (I Go)
알콜맨 (Alcoholman)
빌런 (Villain)
월급은 통장을 스칠 뿐 (Vanishing Paycheck)
집에 가자 (Let’s Go Home)

Stella Jang [Stairs] barcode hoodie, tee shirt, and canvas bag

Stella Jang [Stairs] Official Merchandise

Stella Jang personally participated in the production of the products at the Marpple Shop.

New products will be uploaded in the next 3 days and will be sold for a limited time of 1 month starting from today.

International shipping is possible (excluding paper and fragile products).

Thank you for supporting Stella!

❗ All products are made to order and cannot be exchanged or refunded.

❗ Production for every order begins when the order has been processed. It then takes up to 2 weeks for a product to be released.

❗ For product and shipping related inquires, please contact the Marpple Shop.

Starry Stella Jang Day 2021.11.18 - 2021.11.21

🌟 D-8 🌟 Birthday Cafe Bonus Released

If you are in Seoul, nearby Yeonnam-dong, please drop by Yammy Cake between 11 am and 10 pm to join the events prepared by little__tomato_ and kimgaedduck. More info in the Instagram post (click on the picture).

Posters of Eternals MCU movie on a brick wall

Stella Jang’s name, Sung Eun Jang, appears in the ending credits of Eternals, the latest MCU movie!

Édith Piaf - Non, je ne regrette rien (Cover by Stella Jang) [You Heeyeol’s Sketchbook]

유학시절 즐겨부른 노래 (My favorite song while studying abroad)”

Composer: Charles Dumont
Lyricist: Michel Vaucaire

Stella Jang - Colors [You Heeyeol’s Sketchbook]

Colors sounds great live with the band!

[Official MV] 스텔라장(Stella Jang) - 어떤 날들(Some Days)(ENG sub)

Thank you for the beautiful music and MV!

Hope today was a pretty good day for you :)

Stella Jang - L’Amour, Les Baguettes, Paris (Lyrics)

A beautiful unofficial MV by a fan.

The movie in the video is “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen.

어떤 날들 (Some Days) live at home (ENG sub)

[Official MV] Stella Jang - 집에 가자 (Let’s Go Home) (ENG sub)

Official video for “Let’s Go Home” from Stella Jang’s new EP “Stairs”.

TMI: “열 번은 봤는데 또 보는 영화는 ‘반지의 제왕’입니다 (The movie I’ve seen ten times and watch again is the Lord of the Rings)”.

Yves Montand - Les feuilles mortes (Cover by Stella Jang)

Composer: Joseph Kosma
Lyricist: Jacques Prévert

Stella Jang X Gangwon Tourism Office “YOLO” live video

Audrey Hepburn - Moon River (Cover by Stella Jang)

Always love seeing a new stellajangtv video.

Composer: Henry Mancini
Lyricist: Johnny Mercer

[MV] Peppertones(페퍼톤스) _ FILM LOVE (Feat. Stella Jang(스텔라장))

For those of you who are hesitating about something, ‘YOLO’ live by Stella Jang [101LIVE]

if you rescue me (chanson des chats) ukulele cover

I guess Stella watched it in French, but for English speakers, the movie’s title is “The Science of Sleep” by Michel Gondry.

Please take good care of yourself.

LambC - Fortune Teller (feat. Stella Jang) Official MV

Singing ‘I go’ with Hanbok!!

The inception of Doctor Friends’ jingle


With English subtitles!

😢 Healing Song for a depressing daily life, “Reality Blue” Lyrics Analysis | Stella Jang Collab

With English subtitles!

Watch this video if you love midnight snacks | Stella Jang’s favorite midnight snack!?

The story behind this epic song 🍜!

With English subtitles!

Why you shouldn’t judge someone else’s personality | Stella Jang talks about “Villain”

With English subtitles!

Pink Martini - Sympathique (Cover by Stella Jang)

[M/V] 치스비치 (CSVC) - 무자비(無慈悲)(No Mercy)

Reminds me of Ace of Base!

[MV] Stella Jang - 톡톡 (Tok Tok) | KB국민카드 EASY SOUND

[MV] Stella Jang(스텔라장) _ Villain(빌런)

14.4M views and counting!

23.6M if you add the 9.2M from GRDL’s channel.

Pink Martini - Hang on Little Tomato (Cover by Stella Jang) | stellajangtv 🍅

KBS Concert Culture Warehouse Ep. 66 - 촛불하나 (One Candle)

KBS Concert Culture Warehouse Ep. 65 - Winter Wonderland

[MV] 치스비치 (CSVC) - JUST 4 U...

재인 (Jane) - C’est la vie (feat. Stella Jang) Official M/V

Camille - Ratatouille OST ‘Le Festin’ (Cover by Stella Jang)

15M views and counting!

[MV] 치스비치 (CSVC) - SUMMER LOVE...

스텔라장 (Stella Jang) - YOLO Official M/V

Stella Jang - 아름다워 (It's Beautiful) (Digging Club Seoul Ver.) MV

Stromae - Papaoutai (Cover by Stella Jang) - fancam [Grand Mint Festival 2018]

Bravo !

I wish I were there.

Thank you for the video!

Stella Jang(스텔라장) - 니맘내맘 (Your Heart, My Heart) MV

I wish all commercials were this good.

Toy - A Passionate Goodbye in 6 languages (Cover by Stella Jang) [You Heeyeol’s Sketchbook]

스텔라장 Stella Jang - I GO [세로라이브] LIVE

One of my favorite renderings of 아이고 (I Go).

Mika - Elle me dit (Cover by Stella Jang) - fancam [반짝이는 싱송라]

Thank you for the videos!

[ONSTAGE LIVE] February 2018 - Stella Jang

Comment te dire adieu (cover. Françoise Hardy)
Ultralife (cover. Oh Wonder)
환승입니다 (Transfer)
어제 차이고 (Dumped Yesterday)
월급은 통장을 스칠 뿐 (Vanishing Paycheck)

Stella Jang - Winter Wonderland (Stell'Advent Calendar)

[MV] Stella Jang _ Cheerleader (Feat. Olltii)

Stella Jang - 소녀시대 (Girl's Generation) Rooftop Live

Stella Jang - 그대는 그대로 (You As You Are) Official MV


Ed Sheeran - Shape of You (Cover by Stella Jang)

Problematic Men Ep. 105

First meeting with Peppertones?

Édith Piaf - La vie en rose (Cover by Stella Jang)
Peppertones - ABC (with Stella Jang)

스텔라장(Stella Jang) - Colors Official MV

스텔라장(Stella Jang) - 환승입니다(Transfer) Official MV

The Beatles - Michelle (Cover by Stella Jang)

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